About Us

Tierra Verde Farm was founded by Kevin Connell in 2012.  Kevin has a background primarily in technology and business management but over the course of several years became fascinated with hydroponics and CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) as the “high-tech” way to farm. Kevin is passionate about providing consistent and high quality vegetables, herbs and fruit to the Savannah, GA region.

Kevin has his MBA from Kellogg School of Management and lives in Savannah with his wife Suzanne and their cadre of senior pets.

Kevin and Farm Dog Penny

Kevin and Farm Dog Penny

Our small business is an LLC with operations based in Bloomingdale, GA. If you are a customer or potential customer please don’t hesitate to ask for a tour of the facility. Email kevin@tierraverdefarm.com or call 912.856.5829 for more information.

How’d we get our name?

Tierra Verde means “Green Earth” in Spanish.  Kevin and his wife both have traveled extensively in Latin America and love the various cultures of the region. While we are not planting directly in “La Tierra” we do believe that the environmental footprint, and therefore green-ness of the greenhouse operation, in terms of overall impact to the land is far more sustainable than even organic field farming.

Click here to read about our methods.

Click here to contact us. 


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