For Sale Or Lease – Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse Business in Savannah Georgia

Turn Key Ready to Grow Commercial Greenhouse and Farm Acreage – $199K USD  (Buyers Agent Protected)  Or Lease.  Owner Financing Available.

Call 507-351-7195


  • Five+ Acres only twenty minutes away from Savannah, a fast growing local food scene.  Over 1000 restaurants between Savannah and nearby Hilton Head
  • Zoned for Residential+Agricultural (RA-1) in Bloomingdale, GA

Excellent quality well water tested to > 1000 gallons a day


  • 7200ft2 Greenhouse (60×120, 2 Bays) – Nexus Grand Teton Model
  • Rigid Polycarbonate on Ends and One Side
  • Double Wall Insulated Poly Film on Roof and one side
  • 60 ft Evaporative Cooler
  • Thrip Screened Air Intake Room
  • 6×48″ Fans with Automated Shade Curtain
  • Able to maintain 85f max in peak summer times in Savannah (100f outside)
  • 16KW Automatic Back Generator
  • High Efficiency Radiant Heat With Forced Air Backup

Other Buildings:

  • 15×45′ Hoophouse set up for lettuce greens and herbs growing (NFT and DWC Systems)
  • 1985 1300ft2 Mobile home on property – 3bd, 2 bath.  In good working order, used for storage.  To get move in ready will need some floor covering done.
  • Three additional sheds on the property

Greenhouse Growing System:

  • Very sophisticated automationEontrols with fifteen different sensors from humidty to light, temperature, angle of sun and so on.  Full programmable and customizeable.
  • Automated Nutrient Level (EC/ppm) System
  • Two 1000 gallon nutrient / effluent holding tanks with two 1.5hp Pumps (Capable of supporting 2x current footprint)
  • 10 Rows Of 80 Bato Buckets supporting up to 1600 vine crops
  • Four 4’x20′ Propogation Benches Set up for Ebb & Flood
  • Hoophouse has a 500 position DWC Pond and a 150 position NFT System suitable for most herbs and lettuce cultivars


Screened Air Intake Room